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Where is the music??


 Math, English, Computers, Science, History…where’s the  music?

Let’s envision a world where we wake up in the morning to gentle notes floating from the neighbor’s living room as little Johnny is practicing piano before school, instead of getting a few more minutes on his Wii. Let’s  imagine a world where families sit down to eat and engage in discussion, instead of filling their quality time with Smart Phones Apps, iPads and e-mails. Let’s romanticize, just for a moment, our children learning great, cultivated skills for life, through the simple act of music education.



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A Piano Institute Like No Other

At Music Educates, we don’t let people feel that they can’t sing or play instruments. Music is for everyone, and should not only be considered as a profession. It is an art, that helps you navigate through some of the most difficult stages in life. 

Our focus is always on creating a conducive and learning environment where everyone can learn, enjoy and feel happy while playing the Piano. 

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